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GBF1 mutations cause peripheral neuropathy

16/09/2020 | The research group around Brunhilde Wirth at the Institute for Human Genetics, the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC) and the Center for…

Four-stranded DNA structures - known as G-quadruplexes - have been shown to play role in breast cancer

04/08/2020 | providing a potential new target for personalized medicine, say scientists at the University of Cambridge and CMMC - University of Cologne

The mitochondrial connection: Why blood vessels in wounds and tumors start sprouting

22/07/2020 | The study of Cologne Scientits led by Hamid Kashkar (CECAD and CMMC) provides genetic evidence for a requirement of mitochondrial respiration in…

Neutralizing antibodies in the battle against COVID-19

09/07/2020 | A team of researchers led by Prof. Florian Klein (Cologne University Hospital) and the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) has further…

UoC biologist Thorsten Hoppe accepted as a new member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

08/07/2020 | Together with other internationally renowned European scientists, EMBO has accepted the molecular biologist Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hoppe from the…

Election of the Chair and Vice Chairs of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

02/07/2020 | Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing re-elected as CMMC Chair for the next term of 3 years. As Vice-Chairs Prof. Dr. Guenter Schwarz was re-elected and Prof. Dr.…

First results for rapid SARS-CoV-2 testing in primary material based on a novel mulitplex LAMP assay

Covid-19 / iStock-1206405721

25/06/2020 | A BMBF funded Covid-19 research project led by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schermer between the Dept. II of Internal Medicine and the Institute for Virology in…

New study identifies a novel role for TSPO in immune-related eye disease providing new treatment options for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

04/06/2020 | In a cooperative approach the team around Thomas Langmann (Laboratory of the Exp. Immunology of the Eye at the Center for Ophthalmology and the CMMC)…

Molecular mechanism explaining albuminuria in kidney disease identified

12/05/2020 | by the research team led by Prof. Thomas Benzing: ultraresolution microscopy together with mathematical modelling provides an experimentally validated…

Webinar LSR Aktionstag - May 13, 2020

11/05/2020 | Life Science Research: Career planning after the Master's degree or doctorate in the life science industry

Acute brain injury triggers the formation of a prominent mitochondrial-enriched compartment

29/03/2020 | in astrocytic perivascular processes highlighting a crucial role of glial cells in enabling vascular remodelling

Dietary ω3-and ω6-polyunsaturated fatty acids reconstitute fertility of juvenile and adult FADS2-deficient female and male mice

20/03/2020 | With their findings Wilhelm Stoffel and his research team discovered a previously unrecognized membrane-structure-based molecular link between…

Welcome to Katarzyna Bozek - new Junior Research Group Leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence

18/03/2020 | Phenotyping of model organisms and diagnostics of cancer: K. Bozek's research aims are to establish methods and approaches allowing for broad, data…

Coronavirus - Measures at the CMMC

16/03/2020 | In light of the increased spread of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the CMMC has implemented strict measures in an effort to slow down the infection…

The new microsite of the Laboratory of Cell Death, Inflammation and Immunity

27/02/2020 | presented by Alessandro Annibaldi - new CMMC Junior Research group

New technique: monitoring organs and cells in living fly larvae

12/02/2020 | Small variations in the composition of a cell can radically change its function and cause diseases such as diabetes, cancer or neuronal dysfunction.

The new microsite of the Laboratory of Structure and Biochemistry of Epigenetic Regulators

06/02/2020 | presented by Simon Poepsel - new CMMC Junior Research Group Leader

Highly effective HIV antibody suppresses development of viral resistance - A highly promising candidate for antibody-mediated strategies to effectively treat and prevent HIV-1 infection

01/02/2020 | identified by the research group led by Florian Klein at the Inst. of Virology, Univ. Hospital of Cologne & the University of Cologne and the German…

Fourth Cologne Symposium on Ageing Medicine

23/01/2020 | organized by the Depts. of Internal Medicine II and III, Univ. Hospital of Cologne in collaboration with the CMMC, CECAD and Stiftung der Cellitinnen…

The new microsite of the Laboratory (Epi)Genome Structure and Stability

14/01/2020 | presented by Robert Hänsel-Hertsch – new CMMC Junior Research Group Leader

How and why cells die: German Research Foundation awards University of Cologne with a new CRC 1403

29/11/2019 | Third-party project "Cell death in immunity, inflammations and diseases" (CRC 1403) funded with 13 million euros for four years

The enzyme caspase-8 regulates different modes of cell death including pyroptosis as Hamid Kashkar and his team describe in ‘Nature’.

22/11/2019 | The current study hypothesises that these strategies may have driven the counter-evolution of pyroptosis to secure cellular death as a host defence…

Simon Pöpsel, Alessandro Annibaldi and Robert Hänsel-Hertsch - three young scientists awarded with the CMMC´s Junior Research Group Funding

02/10/2019 | to establish an internationally visible research group as independent leaders at the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne.

Regulating nutrient sensitive pathways in the skin: a potential therapeutic strategy for eczema

09/08/2019 | A collaborative study performed by international research groups led by Sabine Eming (Dept. of Dermatology - University Hospital Cologne) identified a…

Information on the current evaluation procedure: submitted proposals for the CMMC Individual Funding Program

01/08/2019 | Preparation of the new funding period with the site visit of the External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) from Nov. 25-26, 2019.

Skin in balance: joint forces of polarity and cell mechanics

30/07/2019 | Molecular mechanics in the skin of mice are driven by polarity genes as a team led by Sandra Iden of the Cluster of Excellence CECAD and the CMMC…

Improved protection against spinal muscular atrophy through combined ASO therapy

21/06/2019 | Research group of Brunhilde Wirth demonstrates that a combined therapy of nusinersen (SMN-ASOs) and neurocalcin delta (NCALD) ASOs improves protection…

DFG approved funding for two new Collaborative Research Centers focusing on aortic disease and lung cancer

04/06/2019 | Medical research at the University of Cologne will be enhanced by two large-scale third-party funded projects.

Stopping cell death: a potential therapeuthic strategy for rheumatoid arthritis

18/05/2019 | A collaborative study by research groups from the Cluster of Excellence CECAD and the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC) at the the…

Brunhilde Wirth received the prestigious NRW Innovation Award 2019

14/05/2019 | for her groundbreaking research in the field of spinal muscular atrophy.

Changes in 3D genome organization can cause human disease

12/04/2019 | – new experimental strategy described by the CMMC team lead by Álvaro Rada Iglesias

Collaborative study headed by Kurian Lab discovers sphinganine as major driver of cardiac aging

21/03/2019 | indicating that restoring histone acetylation levels in cardiomyocytes by histone acetylases inhibition prevents the sphinganine-induced DNA damage…

yin yang lncRNAs: a new class of genes that regulate embryonic development identified

13/12/2018 | by the research team of Dr. Leo Kurian, heading a NRW Stem Cell Network Junior Research Group at the CMMC.

CHP1 reduction: a novel protective modifier for spinal muscular atrophy

29/06/2018 | The research team of Prof. Dr. Brunhilde Wirth, working at the Institute of Human Genetics and the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, succeeded

A DFG-funded SPP consortium focusing on 3D genome architecture led by CMMC Junior Group Leader

01/06/2018 | Dr. Argyris Papantonis, Junior Group Leader for Chromatin Systems Biology at the CMMC will be co-coordinating a large German consortium on 3D genome…

DFG funds new Research Training Group (RTG) on cardiovascular diseases

15/05/2018 | The RTG supported by the CMMC investigates common inflammatory processes and cellular reactions to cardiovascular diseases.

A path toward cellular ageing involving genome architecture

27/04/2018 | was uncovered by the Chromatin Systems Biology research group of Dr. Argyris Papantonis at the CMMC, and sheds new light onto how cell senescence is…

Clonal dynamics in cancer under therapeutic pressure

20/02/2018 | Martin Peifer and his team analyzed whole-exome sequencing data of eight chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients that developed resistance upon…

CHP1 - a novel gene responsible for cerebellar ataxia identified by Whole Exome Sequencing

24/01/2018 | A collaborative effort between the research groups of Brunhilde Wirth (Inst. of Human Genetics (Univ. Hospital of Cologne) and the CMMC and Giovanni…

Second Cologne Symposium on Ageing Medicine - January 20, 2018

22/01/2018 | During the symposium highly challenging aspects of geriatric care have been discussed by experts in the field, including intensive care, emergency…

Mohsen S. Hosseinibarkooie receives the Medical Faculty Award of Science for the “Best Publication 2016”

16/01/2018 | highlighting the power of genetic modifiers in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne on January 12, 2018 .

Successful completion of the IPMM Program (2017) - Congratulations to all IPMM-PhD Graduates

20/12/2017 | The Interdisciplinary Program Molecular Medicine (IPMM) at the University is aimed at outstanding research-oriented medical and life science…

DFG supports a new Clinical Research Unit (CRU 329) focusing on disease pathways in podocyte injury

19/12/2017 | More than 200 million people worldwide suffer from chronic kidney diseases (CKD). Glomerular disorders account for the majority of cases of CKD.

Discovery of choline transporter mutations in a novel form of congenital myasthenic syndrom facilitates treatment

04/11/2017 | of patients reported by the teams of Sebahattin Cirak (Dept. of Pediatrics, Univ. Hospital of Cologne and the CMMC), Andrew Crosby and Emma Baple…

EMBO elects Alvaro Rada Iglesias as EMBO Young Investigator 2017

25/10/2017 | to further promote his research to uncover the transcriptional regulatory principles of mammalian embryogenesis and human congenital disease.

Uncovering the cellular mechanisms of morpholino antisense drug delivery to muscles.

17/10/2017 | A direct implications for multi-exon skipping strategies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). A breakthrough has been achieved in the understanding…

New approaches in targeted cancer therapy - systematic kinase inhibitor profiling

26/09/2017 | Scientists in the research groups of Roman Thomas and Martin Sos at Cologne University Hospital and University of Cologne have tested the effects of…

DFG supports the Klenk Symposium in Molecular Medicine on “Tissue regeneration, wound healing and fibrosis:

23/07/2017 | Translating basic concepts into regenerative therapy” taking place from Oct. 15 - 17, 2017 organized by the CMMC at the Medical Campus, University of…

Successful LSR Day - alternative career pathways for Master and PhD graduates in the industry

10/07/2017 | To increase awareness towards alternative careers in non-academic sectors of life science companies the CMMC hosted this event for the third time on…