Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Second Funding Period Approved - The TRR 259 "Aortic Diseases" was awarded a DFG grant of about 14 Mio. € for its second funding period (2023-2027)


With this extension, the members of the TRR 259 are excited to continue cutting-edge research into aortic diseases in Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Bonn.

In the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 259 “Aortic Disease”, basic and clinical researchers of the Universities of Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf are working together to expand the incomplete understanding of fundamental principles in the genesis and development of aortic diseases. Pathophysiological mechanisms, i.e. pathologically altered functions of the aorta, are being investigated.

The research initiative aims to develop a better understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in aortic diseases. A particular focus is on aortic valve stenosis – the most common heart valve defect. In Cologne, researchers are also investigating the genetic and inflammatory mechanisms involved in the development of aortic aneurysm, i.e. the pathological widening of the aorta. The findings will be used to develop new pharmacological, interventional and surgical treatment strategies.

Spokesperson in Cologne is cardiologist Professor Stephan Baldus, head of Department III of Internal Medicine at University Hospital Cologne. “We are very pleased about the funding approval, as better research into the molecular causes of aortic diseases is essential in view of the high frequency of these diseases and the high mortality of our patients diagnosed with them. Furthermore, this TRR is a particularly suitable instrument to decisively further develop cardiovascular research at the Cologne site.”