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Seminar room booking

The CMMC offers seminar rooms to CMMC members as well as members of the University of Cologne, the University Hospital Cologne and external customers for seminars, presentations, workshops and advanced training courses.

  • one conference rooms (about 80 qm) dividable into two rooms of about 40 qm
  • one conference room (about 80 qm)
  • cutting-edge presentation equipment and flexible event facilities

Covid-19 regulations: Since 23 September, the seminar rooms have been available exclusively for laboratory meetings of research groups located in the CMMC Research Building.
This also means that all events of members or organizational units of the University Hospital, non-CMMC research groups and external organizations can no longer be held in the seminar rooms. We thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details:
Angelika Winterscheid (CMMC Office / Reception)
Phone: +49 221 478 89526
E-Mail: zmmk-raumbuchung[at] 

The "Cologne - service for event planners", organized by the Cologne Convention Bureau, has listed the CMMC as event venue.For further information, please visit Cologne Convention Bureau

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Angelika Winterscheid CMMC Cologne
Angelika Winterscheid

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Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne | CMMC Research Building