Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

IPMM Student Representatives

The IPMM student representatives are five elected students. You can contact them if you have any problems (contacting tutors, supervisors, technical stuff and so on) connected to your PhD thesis. They are open for feedback with overall goal to improve the IPMM.
Two of them are also student members of the IPMM selection and graduation committee. They will collect your input and bring it to the attention of the committee and/or IPMM office.
Aviseka Acharya
Christin Adamo
Floyd Hassenrück
Anja Meyer
Daniel Thomalla
You can contact them via
Emails send to this address will reach the five IPMM students and are handled trustfully.
The student committee is also open for any input on things you want to do, like for example inviting a senior researcher to give a talk at the university or making a field trip to some cool place. They are looking forward to hear from you!