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Cell Sorting Facility

The CMMC Central Cell Sorting Facility (CCSF) supports all research groups of the CMMC and the Life Science Campus of the University Hospital/University of Cologne with highly purified (mammalian) cells. The main goal is to enable interested scientists to share state-of-the-art flow cytometry equipment and to support them with scientific expertise.

The CCSF is equipped with a FACSAria III from BD Biosciences. Our instrumentation is further complemented by three high quality analytical cytometers: a FACS Canto I with 2-laser 6-color configuration, a FACS Canto II with 3-laser 8-color configuration, and a FACS Calibur  with 2-laser 4-color configuration (all BD Biosciences). Please find more technical specification of the equipment at instruments.

The Facility is running as full service, which comprises planning of the sort procedure, execution and optimization of the sort as well as quality controls and final flow cytometric analyses by the Facility staff.

The laboratory is located in the CMMC building, 2nd floor, room 2.033, (safety status S2 according to German GenTG).

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Prof. Dr. Hamid Kashkar CMMC Cologne
Prof. Dr. Hamid Kashkar

Institute for Molecular Immunology | CECAD Research Center

CMMC - PI - B 06
Head - CMMC Cell Sorting Facility

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+49 221 478 32002

Institute for Molecular Immunology | CECAD Research Center

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