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Cell Sorting Facility

The Central Cell Sorting Facility supports all research groups of the CMMC, the Campus and the University of Cologne by providing with highly purified (mammalian) cells. The Facility is run as a full service which comprises planning of the sorting procedure, execution and optimization of the sort as well as quality controls and final flow cytometric analyses by the Facility staff.

The Facility staff assure a state-of-the-art cell sorting service and also provide continuous education by an educational "Flow & Sort Day" on an annual basis. Further information can be found on the following four key areas of the Facility:


Dr. Gunter Rappl CMMC Cologne
Dr. Gunter Rappl

Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Operator - Cell Sorting Facility Member of the Hinrich Abken's Research Group CMMC-Project B 1

+49 221 478 89529

+49 221 478 88723

Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Robert-Koch-Straße 21

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Cell Sorting Facility
CMMC Research Building
2nd floor (room 2.033)
Robert-Koch-Str. 21
50931 Cologne.

Phon: +49 221 478 89529