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The iPSC-Lab is designed to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure to researchers willing to work with human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), human embryonic stem cells (ESCs), and human iPSC/ESC-derived organoids. It is not only designed to supply a well-maintained lab space, but it also provides guidance and intellectual support on the “know-how” of working with iPSCs. However, the CMMC iPSC-Lab is explicitly not a core-facility in the sense that we will take care of your cell culture. The idea of the laboratory is to bring researchers in a common place to establish collaborative research programs on iPSCs and organoids.

The iPSC-Lab is open to all research scientists working on the Campus of the University of Cologne. The users need to register to get permission by the CMMC to work in the lab (see “How to get started”), and are required to follow a certain code of conduct (see General lab rules”).


Dr. Robert Hänsel-Hertsch CMMC Cologne
Dr. Robert Hänsel-Hertsch

CMMC - Laboratory for Genome Biology

Principal Investigator - CMMC JRG 10

+49 221 478 96988

07071 29-5171

CMMC - Laboratory for Genome Biology

Robert-Koch-Str. 21

50931 Köln

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Dr. Sara Desideri

Member of Robert Hänsel-Hertsch´s Research Group - JRG 10



Member of Robert Hänsel-Hertsch´s Research Group - JRG 10

CMMC Research Building University of Cologne Robert-Koch-Str. 21

50931 Cologne