Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

CMMC´s Organization and Structure

The CMMC is an independent biomedical and educational research center within the Medical Faculty and the Science Faculty at the UoC under the responsibilty of the Senate and is closely affiliated with the University Hospital Cologne. The CMMC has its own organizational and stringent reviewing structures. The following internal and external boards are committed to maintaining high-quality biomedical research and a state-of-the-art infrastructure at the center: 

CMMC internal boards

CMMC external boards

CMMC funding programs

All of the CMMC’s research projects of the different CMMC funding programs are grouped within three core research areas:

The following technological facilities and in-house services together with the CMMC Central Office provide the structural and administrative research infrastructure of the center.

In the CMMC Research Building the S3-Facilty and the Isotope Unit are located.

Organizational Overview

The CMMC at a glance