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Molecular mechanism explaining albuminuria in kidney disease identified

17/07/2020 | by the research team led Thomas Benzing in an international cooperation with scientists from Boston, Stockholm and Regensburg.

Webinar LSR Aktionstag - May 13, 2020

12/05/2020 | Life Science Research: Career planning after the Master's degree or doctorate in the life science industry

Acute brain injury triggers the formation of a prominent mitochondrial-enriched compartment

29/03/2020 | in astrocytic perivascular processes highlighting a crucial role of glial cells in enabling vascular remodelling

Dietary ω3-and ω6-polyunsaturated fatty acids reconstitute fertility of juvenile and adult FADS2-deficient female and male mice

20/03/2020 | With their findings Wilhelm Stoffel and his research team discovered a previously unrecognized membrane-structure-based molecular link between…

Welcome to Katarzyna Bozek - new Junior Research Group Leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence

18/03/2020 | Phenotyping of model organisms and diagnostics of cancer: K. Bozek's research aims are to establish methods and approaches allowing for broad, data…

Coronavirus - Measures at the CMMC

16/03/2020 | In light of the increased spread of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the CMMC has implemented strict measures in an effort to slow down the infection…

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