Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

New technique: monitoring organs and cells in living fly larvae

12/02/2020 | Small variations in the composition of a cell can radically change its function and cause diseases such as diabetes, cancer or neuronal dysfunction.

Regulating nutrient sensitive pathways in the skin: a potential therapeutic strategy for eczema

09/08/2019 | A collaborative study performed by international research groups led by Sabine Eming (Dept. of Dermatology - University Hospital Cologne) identified a…

Information on the current evaluation procedure: submitted proposals for the CMMC Individual Funding Program

01/08/2019 | Preparation of the new funding period with the site visit of the External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) from Nov. 25-26, 2019.

Skin in balance: joint forces of polarity and cell mechanics

30/07/2019 | Molecular mechanics in the skin of mice are driven by polarity genes as a team led by Sandra Iden of the Cluster of Excellence CECAD and the CMMC…

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