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Apply now! Current Call for Applications for 9 PhD and MD/PhD student positions within the CCRC RTG 2407

03/01/2022 | The University of Cologne invites applications to its DFG-funded CCRC Research Training Group 2407 „Inflammatory & Cellular Stress Signaling: Switches…

Hamid Kashkar appointed to W3 professorship in Molecular Immunology as of January 01, 2022

03/01/2022 | The newly established professorship is linked to the establishment of a dedicated Institute at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne.

Ultrashort cell-free DNA fragments in blood identified: A potential new diagnostic target for precision oncology

22/12/2021 | Identification of a novel population of “ultrashort” cell-free DNA with G-quadruplex potential reduced abundance and G4-forming potential in blood…

DFG awards a new CRC 1530 in lymphoma and inflammation research and the next funding period of the CRC 1310 ´Predictability in Evolution´

26/11/2021 | The award of the new CRC 1530 (speaker - Michael Hallek) and the extension of the CRC 1310 (speaker - Michael Lässig) refers to the great team of…

Seismic Amplifications: a new amplification mechanism in the genome of cancer cells identified

17/11/2021 | The study provides novel insights into the mechanisms of how human tumors acquire genomic amplifications as major drivers of oncogenic transformation

Highlighting RNA-binding proteins and their role in kidney disease as potential therapeutic targets

03/11/2021 | Cologne Researchers provide a concise overview of the current knowledge of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and their interactions with mRNA, non-coding…

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