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May 25 -26, 2023: Announcement Leopoldina Symposium "The ageing eye"

22/05/2023 | Unmet medical needs, societal implications and future therapeutic perspectives.

Warmest congratulations to Professor Stoffel on his 95th birthday from the CMMC Family

10/05/2023 | It is with great joy and admiration that we celebrate this significant milestone in your life, a life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and…

Mai 09, 2023: Announcement - FOR 2722 Symposium "Oxygen, metabolismus and extracellular matrix"

08/05/2023 | To celebrate the start of the second funding period the FOR 2722 is hosting an International Symposium.

Ageing-associated changes in transcriptional elongation influence longevity - Publication in ‘Nature’

13/04/2023 | In a large joint study, researchers of the University of Cologne, the Cologne Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging (MPI) and the University of…

A key mechanism that controls human heart development discovered

30/03/2023 | Researchers of the University of Cologne describe that the competence for the future cardiac fate of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) is preset in…

Researchers discover a way to fight the aging process and cancer development

26/03/2023 | demonstrating that the DREAM complex functions as conserved master regulator of somatic DNA-repair capacities.

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