Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Election of the Chair and Vice Chairs of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

02/07/2020 | Prof. Thomas Benzing re-elected as CMMC Chair for the next term of 3 years. As Vice-Chairs Prof. Guenter Schwarz was re-elected and Prof. Dr. Sabine…

New study identifies a novel role for TSPO in immune-related eye disease providing new treatment options for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

04/06/2020 | In a cooperative approach the team around Thomas Langmann (Laboratory of the Exp. Immunology of the Eye at the Center for Ophthalmology and the CMMC)…

Molecular mechanism explaining albuminuria in kidney disease identified

12/05/2020 | by the research team led by Thomas Benzing: ultraresolution microscopy together with mathematical modelling provides an experimentally validated model…

Webinar LSR Aktionstag - May 13, 2020

11/05/2020 | Life Science Research: Career planning after the Master's degree or doctorate in the life science industry

Acute brain injury triggers the formation of a prominent mitochondrial-enriched compartment

29/03/2020 | in astrocytic perivascular processes highlighting a crucial role of glial cells in enabling vascular remodelling

Dietary ω3-and ω6-polyunsaturated fatty acids reconstitute fertility of juvenile and adult FADS2-deficient female and male mice

20/03/2020 | With their findings Wilhelm Stoffel and his research team discovered a previously unrecognized membrane-structure-based molecular link between…

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