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Deeply saddened by the news that our friend and colleague Konstantin Belostotski has passed away

02/06/2023 | With deep sadness, we received the news of the loss of our dear friend and colleague Konstantin Belostotski.

Second Funding Period Approved - The TRR 259 "Aortic Diseases" was awarded a DFG grant of about 14 Mio. € for its second funding period (2023-2027)

22/05/2023 | With this extension, the members of the TRR 259 are excited to continue cutting-edge research into aortic diseases in Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Bonn.

The German Research Council (DFG) awards the extension CRC 1399 “Mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance in small cell lung cancer”

22/05/2023 | Funding for the worldwide largest research consortium on Small Cell Lung Cancer extended for four additional years.

May 25 -26, 2023: Announcement Leopoldina Symposium "The ageing eye"

22/05/2023 | Unmet medical needs, societal implications and future therapeutic perspectives.

Warmest congratulations to Professor Stoffel on his 95th birthday from the CMMC Family

10/05/2023 | It is with great joy and admiration that we celebrate this significant milestone in your life, a life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and…

Mai 09, 2023: Announcement - FOR 2722 Symposium "Oxygen, metabolismus and extracellular matrix"

08/05/2023 | To celebrate the start of the second funding period the FOR 2722 is hosting an International Symposium.

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