Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Junior professorship for regulation of cellular identity in embryonic development, homeostasis, and disease appointed to Dr. Leo Kurian

01/02/2023 | A newly created professorship at the Medical Facultyof the University of Cologne. Dr. Leo Kurian has started his W1 professorship on Feb. 1, 2023.

Bacterial electricity: membrane potential influences antibiotic tolerance

19/01/2023 | Dynamical patterns of electrical potential relate to growth and viability in spatially structured bacterial colonies / publication in PLOS Biology

Radiation damage to paternal DNA is passed on to offspring

22/12/2022 | Damage to the paternal genome of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans cannot be repaired and is instead passed on to its offspring, while the female…

Rare eye diseases - The EU Horizon Health Program provides eight million euros in funding

22/12/2022 | The European Union has supported a research proposal for new therapies to restore visual acuity in rare and severe ocular surface diseases under the…

New DFG research group investigates causes and consequences of genome instability

09/12/2022 | Scientists from Cologne and Münster investigate how DNA damage triggers the development of age-related diseases / Results could help to prevent…

Dr. Carolina Rosswog and Dr. Christoph Bartenhagen are awarded the Kind-Philipp Prize for Pediatric Oncology Research

08/12/2022 | for their study on the evolution of complex genomic amplifications in cancer. They identified a type of amplification named as “seismic…

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