Klenk Symposium 2019 - Rare Diseases

From mechanisms to therapies and beyond
Sept. 15 - 17, 2019 - Save the date

CHP1 reduction: a novel protective modifier for spinal muscular atrophy

29.06.2018 | The research team of Prof. Dr. Brunhilde Wirth, working at the Institute of Human Genetics and the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, succeeded

A DFG-funded SPP consortium focusing on 3D genome architecture led by CMMC Junior Group Leader

01.06.2018 | Dr. Argyris Papantonis, Junior Group Leader for Chromatin Systems Biology at the CMMC will be co-coordinating a large German consortium on 3D genome...

DFG funds new Research Training Group (RTG) on cardiovascular diseases

15.05.2018 | The RTG supported by the CMMC investigates common inflammatory processes and cellular reactions to cardiovascular diseases.

A path toward cellular ageing involving genome architecture

27.04.2018 | was uncovered by the Chromatin Systems Biology research group of Dr. Argyris Papantonis at the CMMC, and sheds new light onto how cell senescence is...

Clonal dynamics in cancer under therapeutic pressure

20.02.2018 | Martin Peifer and his team analyzed whole-exome sequencing data of eight chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients that developed resistance upon...

CHP1 - a novel gene responsible for cerebellar ataxia identified by Whole Exome Sequencing

24.01.2018 | A collaborative effort between the research groups of Brunhilde Wirth (Inst. of Human Genetics (Univ. Hospital of Cologne) and the CMMC and Giovanni...

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