Internal call for submission of research proposals for the CMMC Individual Funding Program.

27.05.2019 | Eligible applicants have to be members of the Medical Faculty and the Science Faculty of the University of Cologne.

Brunhilde Wirth received the prestigious NRW Innovation Award 2019

14.05.2019 | for her groundbreaking research in the field of spinal muscular atrophy.

Changes in 3D genome organization can cause human disease

12.04.2019 | – new experimental strategy described by the CMMC team lead by Álvaro Rada Iglesias

Collaborative study headed by Kurian Lab discovers sphinganine as major driver of cardiac aging

21.03.2019 | indicating that restoring histone acetylation levels in cardiomyocytes by histone acetylases inhibition prevents the sphinganine-induced DNA damage...

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