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Our heartfelt thanks go to GERHARD RICHTER for his open-mindedness towards our project related to the CMMC Symposium 2021 as well as to the 25th anniversary, which the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne celebrates this year.

The presentation of his abstract artwork "Colour-Charts - 1024 Colours - 1974 / Werkverzeichnis 358-1 in connection with the CMMC Symposium 2021 and the display of the "RICHTER TRANSPARENTE" at the CMMC Research Building is a very special and outstanding honor for us.

GERHARD RICHTER was born in Dresden in 1932. He studied at the State Academy of Art in Düsseldorf and taught there as a professor for painting from 1971 to 1993. Since 1983 he lives and works in Cologne.

GERHARD RICHTER is widely considered one of the most important contemporary artists. His works can be found in the world's most important museums of modern art. Richter's œuvre of the past sixty years is characterized by the dialogue of different themes and styles as well as the alternation between figurative and abstract pictorial languages. In 2007 he created his glass window for the south transept in the Cologne Cathedral. For this work, too, one of his colour panels from 1974 served as inspiration.

Concept and chance play a significant role in RICHTER's work. The colour plates - the first examples which were created as early as 1966, are exemplary for this. One of his central concerns is to overcome the randomness of visual experience and to increase the intrinsic effect of colour and form.

Transferred to research for health, the conception and planning of research projects play a fundamental role, since the previously established hypotheses have to be scientifically verified. Nevertheless, the "besondere Blick" is needed to interpret unexpected research results, which may seem random, in a multi-layered and versatile way. Last but not least, these special "moments" in science are a driver of progress and often the beginning of important discoveries for human health.

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