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Mini-Symposium "CMMC Research Insights" for visiting Master Students of the Utrecht University


The CMMC welcomed students of the Master Program Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology of the Utrecht University to the Mini-Symposium "CMMC Research Insights“ on June 07, 2017

On a regularly basis the CMMC welcomes students from different Master and PhD Programs to learn more about the ongoing research activities of the research groups and to meet the principal investigators with her/his research team.

On June 07, 2017 the students of theMaster Program Cancer Stem Cells and Developmental Biology of the Utrecht University visited the CMMC.

Following CMMC principal investigators gave a short presentation of their research activities followed by lab visits:

Paul T Brinkkötter
Metabolic signaling at the kidney filtration barrier

Mathieu Clement-Ziza
Mechanisms of tumor development

Sebahattin Cirak
Personalized treatment for muscular dystrophies

Jay Gopalakrishnan
Brains in dish; brain organoids for human brain research

Leo Kurian
Molecular basis of vertebrate cardiac development, aging, and regeneration

Catherin Niemann
Stem cell mechanisms in tumor initiation

Alvaro Rada-Iglesias
Transcriptional enhancers in development and congenital disease

Argyris Papantonis

Towards a structure-to-function code for mammalian genomes

Martin Peifer
Systematic identification of significantly mutated gene groups in cancer genomes

Femke Groenveld, member of the student committee of the Master Program "Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology" of the University of Utrecht, commented that the students enjoyed the visit very much, and especially appreciated the combination of the short talks together with personal lab tours, giving the possibility to discuss the research in more detail. 

if you are interested to visit the CMMC, please contact the Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher (debora.grosskopf-kroiher[at] for further information: