Preparation of the new CMMC funding period (1/2020-12/2022)

Information on the current evaluation procedure - CMMC Individual Funding Program

The Individual Project Funding Program (IPFP) supporting individual projects for three years has been a cornerstone of the CMMC funding policy right from the foundation of the Center. The submission of project proposals refers only to members of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Cologne working in biomedical research areas. Research proposals that meet the formal criteria qualify for the scientific evaluation process.

The CMMC aims to promote the development of innovative, long term and high-risk research projects in an individual or collaborative setting. To facilitate the integration of a wider range of research groups at the Medical Faculty and the Science Faculty the submitted proposal should fit into one of the three CMMC research areas:

  • Research Area A:
    Mechanisms of tumor development: intrinsic and extrinsic control of cell proliferation and tissue invasion
  • Research Area B:
    Principles of immunity, inflammation and infection
  • Research Area C:
    Molecular mechanisms and metabolic control of tissue degeneration and regeneration

June 18, 2019: Submission deadline for the research proposals

June 19 - 28, 2019: Start of the internal evaluation procedure - verification of the eligibility for a research proposal

Nov. 25-26, 2019: Site Visit of the External Scientific Advisory Board

November 27, 2019: Announcement of the final funding decision

The number of funded projects as well as the funding amount depends on the overall number of excellent research proposals that receive the final recommendation for funding.

Project funding will range from 70.000 € - 100.000 € per year for personnel and consumables which may be reduced depending on available funding. The use of the funds is flexible and thereby providing the most powerful support for the individual research groups. Research proposals that meet the formal criteria qualify for the scientific evaluation process.

The evaluation of the submitted research proposals integrates an internal and external procedure, that we consider to be instrumental in setting high standards for the CMMC research activities.

Eligibility requirements for funding

  • Eligible individuals have to be members of the Faculty of Medicine or the Science Faculty at the University of Cologne also including scientists employed via third party funding.

  • Submitted research proposals have to be integrated into the template IPFP research proposal that is available for download here

  • Junior Research Groups funded by the CMMC or other intramural sources are excluded.

  • Extramural funding is required: running project funded by the DFG including CRC projects, the German Cancer Aid or ERC funding at the time of submission is required. Intramural funding is not considered.

  • The submission of a subsequent application is possible and requires a progress report and a description of the clinical significance of the previous CMMC funded project. The maximum funding for consecutive proposals is two funding periods covering a total of six years.

  • An applicant is eligible for leading one research proposal as principal investigator that also refers to his/her publication and extramural funding record. The applicant may be integrated in several joint applications as co-applicant. In this case the publication and extramural funding record of the co-applicant will not be taken into account.

  • A maximum of three outstanding and highly qualified research projects will be granted for a single institute or clinical department.

  • The head of the clinical department or institute of a funded research project is automatically a member of the CMMC. 

  • 15% of the funding applied for has to be provided by the clinic and/or institute involved (e.g. “Grundausstattung”).

Criteria in the evaluation process are

  • Excellence of the research proposal
    Innovative disease-oriented project proposals with a high impact of scientific originality that integrate in one of the three research areas of the CMMC, and with a clear description of the clinical/medical relevance. The research project applied for must be of outstanding high scientific quality and should reflect the standards given by the German Research Foundation.

  • Research proposals reflecting significance for molecular medicine and sustainability in disease understanding
    The significance of the proposed research for a better understanding of disease mechanisms and/or the translational potential must be explained.

  • Scientific excellence of the investigator
    Prior scientific achievements of the applicant´s research group have to be demonstrated by the publication record of the applicant in peer-reviewed journals and by competitive extramural funding.

Eligibility requirements for funding


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