Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Poster Session and Poster Awards

Dear Participants

We are pleased to announce that we received over 55 poster abstracts. The authors of all poster abstracts have been invited to present their poster at the 35th Klenk Symposium 2019 related to the following topics:

  • A: Technologies to understand functional impact of human variation causing rare diseases
  • B: Small molecule based therapy in neurological disorders
  • C: Gene therapy to treat rare disorders
  • D: Rare kidney and endocrine disorders and therapy
  • E: Cancer and rare immune-mediated disease therapy and regulation
  • F: Metabolic disorders and therapy
  • G: Muscle, bone and dermis genetic disorders - from mechanism to treatment

The poster track is intended as a forum that provides an opportunity for the authors to present original research results and to promote scientific interaction.

The poster abstract book will available for download soon. Participants will receive the hard copy poster abstract at the registration desk at the venue.

Klenk Poster Awards 2019

The Poster Evaluation Committee honored the three best posters presented at the Klenk Poster Session 2019:

Lars Buschmann - Institute of Human Genetics - RWTH Medical Faculty, Aachen, DE
F 02: Aberrant DEGS1 sphingolipid metabolism impairs central and peripheral nervous system

Jonas Goergens
- Dept. I of Internal Medicine - University Hospital Cologne, DE
E 03: UBQLN4 represses homologous recombination and is overexpressed in aggressive tumors

Mengjie  Zhu
- Dept. of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine - University Hospital Cologne, DE
G 04: Collagen XII- a novel stabilizer for musculoskeletal system