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34th Ernst Klenk Symposium in Molecular Medicine

Epigenetics: Basic principles and clinical applications

It has been our great pleasure to welcome over 400 participants from over 16 countries to the 34th Ernst Klenk Symposium in Molecular Medicine 2018 on "Epigenetics: Basic principles and clinical applications".

We thank Yang Shi (Boston, US) and Roland Schüle (Freiburg, DE) for their contributions as honorary guest speakers in the Klenk Lecture I and Klenk Lecture II.

Thanks to the outstanding support of Professor Schüle and Professor Shi we were able to setup and to present a scientific program with leading international researchers in the field of epigenetics covering nuclear architecture and chromatin remodeling, phase separation in transcriptional regulation, transcriptional and posttranscriptional control, epigenetic strategies for therapeutic intervention and regulation of development and disease

Many thanks to our guest speakers
Asifa Akhtar- Freiburg, DESuzanne J Baker-Memphis, USGerald R Crabtree- Stanford, USPatrick Cramer- Göttingen, DEDenis Duboule - Lausanne, CHSusan M Gasser-Basel, CHChuan He -Chicago, USSteven Henikoff- Seattle, USPeter A Jones-Grand Rapids, USGary H Karpen-Berkeley, US Stefan Knapp- Frankfurt, DE Steven L McKnight-Dallas, US Alexander Meissner- Berlin, DELeonid A Mirny - Cambridge, US Stefan Mundlos- Berlin, DEChristoph Plass-Heidelberg, DEAna Pombo- Berlin, DE Anjana Rao - La Jolla, US Wolf Reik -Cambridge, UKDanny Reinberg - New York, US Amos Tanay - Rehovot, IL Maria E Torres-Padilla - Munich, DEChristopher R Vakoc - Cold Spring Harbor, US Alejandro Vaquero - Barcelona, ES Xiaoliang S Xie- Cambridge, US Richard A Young-Cambridge, US


Poster Awards 2018

The Poster Evaluation Committee honored the three best posters presented at the Klenk Poster Session 2018 and acknowledged two contributions from Cologne:

Alexandra Despang - MPI for Molecular Genetics and Charite Univ. Hospital (Berlin, DE): A 03 - TAD structures are dispensable for developmental gene regulation but disruptive when reconfigured

Benjamin Hernández-Rodríguez - MPI for Molecular Biomedicine (Münster, DE): A 07 - Zebrafish 3D chromatin maps reveal conserved principles of chromatin organisation throughout vertebrates

Majid P. Kakhki - Karolinska University Hospital (Stockholm, SE): D 10 - Epigenetic studies may open promising insights into multiple sclerosis progression

The acknowledged contributions from Cologne:

Till Baar - University of Cologne and University Hospital: C 04 - Towards in vivo, cell type-specific RNA expression profiling

Magdalena Laugsch - University of Cologne and University Hospital: E 13 - Modelling the pathological long-range regulatory effects of structural variation in the neural crest with patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells

We received excellent feedback from the participants regarding the guest speakers' contribution who presented top quality and novel insights into the various aspects of epigentics.

Once again we would like to thank all guest speakers for their contributions, who presented novel insights into the various aspects of epigentics and discussed their latest research developments with an enthusiastic audience of scientists and physicians. Many thanks to all participants and in particular to those who presented a poster during the Klenk Poster Session 2018.

Michal-Ruth Schweiger and Reinhard Büttner
Chairs of the Cologne Klenk Symposium Committee 2018

Cologne Scientific Organization Committee - Klenk Symposium 2018

Chairs: Prof. Dr. Dr. Michal-Ruth Schweiger (Lab. Epigenetics und Tumorgenetics) Prof. Dr. Reinhard Büttner (Institute for Pathology)
Members: Prof. Dr. Walter Doerfler (Biocenter, Inst. for Genetics) Prof. Dr. Matthias Hammerschmidt (Biocenter, Inst. for Zoology) PD Dr. Axel Hillmer (Dept. for Pathology) Dr. Michael Lammers (CECAD Research Center) Prof. Dr. Margarete Odenthal (Dept. for Pathology) Prof. Dr. Linda Partridge (MPI for Biology of Ageing) Dr. Argyris Papantonis (CMMC) Dr. Alvaro Rada-Iglesias (CMMC) Prof. Dr. Christian H Reinhardt (Dept. of Internal Medicine) Dr. Peter Tessarz (MPI for Biology of Ageing) Dr. Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher (CMMC, Klenk Symposium 2018 Office) Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing (Chair - CMMC)


Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC) - University of Cologne

The CMMC organizers thank the Cologne Convention Bureau for their excellent support.
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Yang Shi

Coordinator and Key Note Speaker - Klenk Lecture I

Boston's Children Hospital; Cell Biology Dept., Harvard Medical School - Boston, US

Roland Schüle

Coordinator and Key Note Speaker - Klenk Lecture II

Dept. of Urology and Center for Clinical Research, Medical Center - University of Freiburg - Freiburg, DE