Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Prof. Dr. Tatiana Korotkova - Curriculum Vitae

Education and professional career

since 2019: Full Professor (W3), Managing Director of Institute of Vegetative Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne
2017 - 2020: Max Planck Research Group Leader (W2), Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research, Cologne
2012 - 2017: Junior group leader, NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence / Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP), Berlin
2011 - 2012: Project leader, NeuroCure / FMP Institute, Berlin
2009 - 2010: Postdoctoral researcher, Department „Physiology and Pathology of Ion Transport“ (Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. T.J. Jentsch), FMP Institute, Berlin
2005 - 2009: Postdoctoral fellow of the Ernst Schering Foundation; postdoctoral researcher, Department of Clinical Neurobiology, University Clinic for Neurology, Heidelberg, Germany (Director: Prof. H. Monyer)
2003 - 2005: postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Neurophysiology, Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany (Director: Prof. H.L. Haas)
2000 - 2003: PhD (Dr.rer.nat.), Institute of Neurophysiology, Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany. Supervisors: Dr. R.E. Brown, Prof. H.L. Haas. Ph.D. thesis "Hypothalamic modulation of the midbrain dopaminergic system". Magna cum laude
1995 - 2000: Diploma, Biology, Physiology; Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Biological Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Honors degree


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