Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Thomas Langer receives the Max Delbrück Prize


Individual excellence is at the core of scientific progress and must be rewarded – that is why the University of Cologne awards Research Prizes to excellent researchers.

This year, Prof. Thomas Langer of the Cluster of Excellence CECAD receives the Max Delbrück Prize in the life and natural sciences.

Thomas Langer conducts research on mitochondria, the energy suppliers of our cells. With increasing age, their function decreases, which causes problems in tissue with high energy consumption like muscles or the brain. The team around Thomas Langer is working on quality control and regulation during the aging process.

The Max Delbrück Prize is awarded for three years, and is endowed with 80.000 euros per year. The awarding ceremony will take place on July 11 at 6:00 pm in the University’s Seminar building at Albertus Magnus Platz.