Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Coronavirus - Measures at the CMMC


In light of the increased spread of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the CMMC has implemented strict measures in an effort to slow down the infection rate and to protect the health and safety of our members and associates.

The research activities and infrastructure are reduced to an operational state in the CMMC Research Building. CMMC members whose presence is required in the CMMC Research Building are strictly following the rules of social distancing. CMMC members whose presence is not required at the CMMC Research Building are working from home. The availability of our members is therefore temporarily limited. We thank you for your understanding.

All seminars and events at the CMMC have been cancelled until further notice. Meetings are held virtually using video-based tools.

Please visit the following links for further information:

We would like to thank all health care professionals, members and associates of the University Hospital Cologne, the members of the Technisches Hilfswerk (Ortsverband Köln Nord-West) and all frontline workers who are all contributing tirelessly to overcoming this crisis.


Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher - debora.grosskopf-kroiher[at]