Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Overview of the individual funded projects

(funding period 01/2014 - 12/2016)

Research Area A:
Mechanisms of tumor development: intrinsic control of cell proliferation and tissue invasion

The multifaceted function of histone methylases and demethylases in lung cancer

Reinhard Büttner / Margarete Odenthal - Institute for Pathology

Identification of small molecules blocking matriptase-dependent morphogenesis and carcinogenesis in zebrafish and mouse, and characterization of the relevant target proteins

Matthias Hammerschmidt - Institute for Developmental Biology

Intrinsic and extrinsic functions of polarity proteins in melanoma formation and progression

Sandra Iden - CECAD Cologne

Characterizing the molecular functions of the tumor suppressor protein Folliculin using the model organism
Caenorhabditis elegans
Roman-Ulrich Müller / Francesca Fabretti - Dept. II of Internal Medicine

Molecular function of Lef1 mutations (E45K/S61P and NLef1) in epithelial tissues and cancer

Catherin Niemann - Institute for Biochemistry II (Med. Faculty)

Stem cell-specific role of NF-B signalling in cancer
Manolis Pasparakis - Institute for Genetics / CECAD Cologne

Systematic identification of significantly mutated gene groups in cancer genomes by co-expression patterns

Martin Peifer - Dept. of Translational Genomics

Differential modulation of the p53 network in cancer therapy

Hans Christian Reinhardt - Dept. I of Internal Medicine /
Björn Schumacher - CECAD Cologne

Identification of new disease-causing and -modifying genes for familial breast and ovarian cancer

Rita Schmutzler / Eric Hahnen - Center of Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Research Area B: Principles of immunity, inflammation and infection

Deciphering the hierarchic organization of established solid tumor lesions

Hinrich Abken - Dept. I of Internal Medicine

B2Significance of leukocyte-mediated impairment of vascular integrity for the pathogenesis of heart failure, and leukocyte peroxidase inhibition as a novel therapeutic conceptStephan Baldus / Anna Klinke / Volker Rudolph - Dept. III of Internal Medicine

Dynamic roles of podocytes in glomerular filtration and the progression of chronic kidney disease

Thomas Benzing - Dept. II of Internal Medicine

Corticosteroid-mediated regulation of the human host response against intracellular pathogens

Mario Fabri - Dept. of Dermatology

The ubiquitin ligase activity of XIAP in the pathogenesis of cancer

Hamid Kashkar - Institute for Med. Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene

NADPH oxidase (NOX)-generated reactive oxygen species (ROS): mechanisms of tissue-specific activation and pathophysiological implications for microbial infections

Martin Krönke / Olaf Utermöhlen - Institute for Med. Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene

How do mtDNA deletions lead to inflammation?

Rudolf Wiesner - Institute for Vegetative Physiology

Research Area C:
Molecular mechanisms and metabolic control of tissue degeneration and regeneration

C 1
Tailoring AAV vectors for cutaneous gene transfer and gene therapy

Hildegard Büning - Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne and Medical Univ. Hannover

C 2
Role of altered brain glucose metabolism in the pathogenesis of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Jens Brüning - Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Preventive Medicine

C 3
Mechanisms regulating age-associated decline of skin regenerative capacity

Sabine Eming - Dept. of Dermatology / Maria Leptin - Institute for Genetics / CECAD Cologne

C 4
Pathogenic role of cardiolipin in cardiomyopathies

Thomas Langer - Institute for Genetics / CECAD Cologne

C 5
Regulation of cell and tissue architecture in skin homeostasis, regeneration and degeneration

Carien Niessen - Dept. of Dermatology / Paul Brinkkötter - Dept. II of Internal Medicine

C 6
Molecular basis of disturbed neurogenesis in primary microcephaly

Angelika Noegel - Institute for Biochemistry I / Peter Nürnberg - Cologne Center for Genomics (CCG)

C 7
Extracellular microfibrillar systems in disease pathogenesis: functional interactions in cytokine regulation, cellular differentiation and tissue homeostasis

Mats Paulsson / Raimund Wagener / Gerhard Sengle - Institute for Biochemistry II

C 8
Lipid droplets in neurodegenerative diseases

Elena Rugarli - Institute for Zoology / CECAD Cologne

C 9
The dynamic regulation of primary cilia in renal injury repair

Bernhard Schermer - Dept. II of Internal Medicine / Sandra Habbig / Max C. Liebau - Dept. of Pediatrics

C 10   
Nitrite-dependent NO synthesis by sulfite oxidase

Guenter Schwarz - Institute for Biochemistry - Math.-Nat. Faculty

Deciphering the modifying network counteracting spinal muscular atrophy and its translation into therapy

Brunhilde Wirth - Institute for Human Genetics

Condensinopathies: Elucidation of novel molecular and functional mechanisms associated with congenital malformation and premature aging

Bernd Wollnik - present address Institute for Human Genetics, University Göttingen