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Microscopy - In House Service

The CMMC Microscopy In-House service is now integrated into the CECAD Imaging facility and support is provided by Dr. Astrid Schauss (Head of CECAD Imaging Facility) and her team.

The Microscopy In-House Service offers a range of modern scientific equipment specializing in confocal microscopy, light microscopy, and digital image capture.

The Service provides scientific and technical support in basic and advanced light microscopy and digital image processing as well as hands-on-training on the equipment to members and guests of the CMMC.

Dear Microscopy Users,

We implemented the following regulations for all users of the Microscopy In-House Service:

Registration and Booking

  • Registration and training is absolutely necessary before the first use of the Stellaris 5 confocal microscope
  • First time user must arrange an advance Zoom meeting with Dr. Astrid Schauss via email: aschauss[at]
    Please read the instructions of the CMMC webpage carefully!
  • Users trained on the CECAD Stellaris 5 microscopes need to make a short appointment (5min, no charge) before using the CMMC Stellaris 5 for the first time, because both devices are a bit different (e.g. different laser).
    Please contact Dr. Astrid Schauss or Dr. Christian Jüngst (email: cjuengst[at] at CECAD Imaging Facility.
  • Online booking is mandatory and you are only allowed to use microscopes sticking to the time slot booked by you.
  • It is not allowed to enter the Microscopy In House Service to see if a microscope is free. All checking and booking must be done online
  • When booking the equipment, please consider a 1hr break between your and the previous/next session.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Astrid Schauss CMMC Cologne
Dr. Astrid Schauss

CECAD Cologne / Imaging Facility

Head of Imaging Facility

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CECAD Cologne / Imaging Facility

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