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Microscopy - In House Service

The Microscopy In House Service offers a range of modern scientific equipment specializing in confocal microscopy, light microscopy, and digital image capture.

The Service provides scientific and technical support in basic and advanced light microscopy and digital image processing as well as hands-on-training on the equipment to members and guests of the CMMC.

Dear Microscopy Users,

Keeping in mind the current SARS-CoV-2 safety regulations we implemented the following regulations for all users of the CMMC Microscopy In House Service:

Booking and Registration

  • Online booking is mandatory and you are only allowed to use microscopes sticking to the time slot booked by you.
  • It is not allowed to enter the Microscopy In House Service to see if a microscope is free. All checking and booking must be done online
  • Microscopy rooms can only be booked by ONE user per session to limit room occupancy.
  • When booking the equipment, please consider a 1hr break between your and the previous/next session.
  • At the moment we cannot allow experiments running over night or over the weekend.
  • No Microscopy introductions and training until further notice.

Additional Microscopy safety and hygiene measurements

  • Contact Claudia Herr (claudia.herr[at] for introduction into additional safety measurements before using the Microscopy Service.
  • We strongly recommend using a mask and gloves during work.
  • Use disinfectant (antiviral, alcohol based) that is provided before and after using the equipment.
  • For using a microscope: Cover keyboard, mouse, periphery instruments (secondary control panels, eyepieces, focus knobs...) and other touchable surfaces with plastic wrap (cling film, Frischhaltefolie, provided by the Microscopy Service) and remove when finishing your work. Discard gloves and plastic wrap using the S1 waste bin next to the equipment before leaving the facility.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please contact Claudia Herr for any further questions or requests.
Stay safe and healthy!
Kind regards,
Catherin Niemann


PD Dr. Catherin Niemann CMMC Cologne
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