Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

CMMC Symposium in Molecular Medicine

From Concepts to Clinic:
a New Era of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics

September 18 - 20, 2023 in Cologne, DE

Many thanks to our speakers, participants, sponsors and supporters!

We were delighted to welcome 320 participants from 11 different countries at the CMMC Symposium 2023 and we were particularly pleased that junior researchers (PhD, Master and Medical Students) were represented by 155 participants.

To give you an insight, visit the picture galleries: Our Guest Speakers - Participants at the Poster Session - Networking Activities

Nucleic acid-based compounds are highly target-specific and it is now the time to overcome the last hurdles towards the widespread application of this therapeutic opportunity in a growing number of diseases. This goal requires an in-depth understanding of the chemical, biological and clinical challenges in the field. The CMMC Symposium 2023 addressed these challenges and successfully contributed to intensify the interdisciplinary exchange between physicians, clinical scientists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, physicists, chemists and other life science professionals.

A special thank you to all speakers for their commitment, time and engagement in making this symposium an outstanding event providing a fascinating and impressive journey of nucleic acid therapeutics spanning the arch from basic science to therapy in the clinic.

Another highlight was the poster session, which was used intensively for scientific exchange and during which the three best poster contributions were awarded with the CMMC Poster Prize of the CMMC Symposium 2023.

The lively discussions after the talks and during the poster presentations, as well as the scientific exchange throughout the meeting, were extremely fruitful and remarkable resulting in a vibrant atmosphere during the entire conference. The discussions following the inspiring talks will certainly continue in the various departments of the medical and science faculties for a long time.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung and the research institutions - CECAD, the CRCs 1451, 1403, 1310, 1399, 1530 and the KFO 329 as well as the Cologne Convention Bureau - for their support. We were also pleased to interact with our industry sponsors and the chance to exchange ideas and to network with the participants directly on site.

Many thanks to all of you - your participation has contributed significantly to the success of the CMMC Symposium 2023.

Yours sincerely,
Michal R Schweiger (Inst. for Translational Epigenetics, UoC - DE)
Markus Stoffel (Dept. Biology, ETH Zurich - CH)
Roman-Ulrich Müller (Clinic II of Internal Medicine, UoC - DE)

The Chairs of the Scientific Organization Committee - CMMC Symposium 2023

Sanjay Mathur (Inst. for Inorganic Chemistry) - Holger Grüll (Dept. of Radiology) - Robert Hänsel-Hertsch (CMMC) - Stephanie Kath-Schorr (Inst. for Organic Chemistry) - Ines Neundorf (Inst. for Biochemistry) - Simon Pöpsel (CMMC) - Hien Nguyen (Clinic I for Internal Medicine) - Margarete Odenthal (Inst. for General Pathology) - Brunhilde Wirth (Institute of Human Genetics) - Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher (CMMC Symposium Organization) - Thomas Benzing (Chair of the CMMC)

The annual, international Symposia Series in Molecular Medicine is one key highlight at the biomedical and life science campus of the University of Cologne. Originally named ‘Ernst Klenk Symposia’, the series was renamed upon the 25th anniversary of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, and is now organized as the ‘CMMC Symposium in Molecular Medicine’. 2023 will be the 37th anniversary of this premier biomedical science meeting, which brings together over 400 national and international participants, including both Junior and Senior Faculty and other stakeholders from all over Europe and abroad.


Sustainability and climate protection are of the highest and most urgent importance.
The CMMC Symposium 2023 will also contribute to sustainability in some aspects.

  • we will go paperless – QR codes for program and poster abstract book
  •  food & drinks
    - we offer vegetarian or vegan food
    - we offer water (carbonated and non-carbonated) only in reusable bottles
    - we use water glasses and porcelain coffee cups and plates
  • waste separation - we separate plastic/recyclable (yellow), paper (blue) and residual (black) waste in garbage cans. Please check for the matching colour.
  • conference bags made of fabric (OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100)
  • re-using the name tags - please return your name badge on your last day of the symposium
  • good accessibility by train and public transport - you can reach Cologne from all over Germany and Europe by train. After reaching Cologne main station, you only need one streetcar to get to the venue.  Special offer from the “Deutsche Bahn”- please check “Information” on our website

Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne
University of Cologne
Dr. Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher and the CMMC-Office Team

Contact Bettina Kranz (zmmk-office[at] for questions related to

  • travel and/or hotel information
  • child care

For requesting a confirmation of your participation in the CMMC Symposium 2023 for organizing your travel grant from your institution, please contact Dr. Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher (debora.grosskopf-kroiher[at]


Congratulation - Poster Awardees

The Poster Evaluation Committee honored the three best posters presented at the CMMC Symposium 2023. The awardees are:

Amarnath Bollu
Poster Title: Light-activated translation of mRNA in cells

Rentmeister Lab IDept. of Chemistry, Inst. of Biochemistry - University of Münster, DE

Julia Dietzsch
Poster Title: Tuning the spectroscopic performance of RNA aptamer atomic-specific mutations
Höbartner Lab I Institute for Organic Chemistry - University of Würzburg, DE

Marlene Gottschalk
Poster Title: Topical application of CCL22-specific aptamers as a treatment option to reduce allergic symptoms in contact hypersensitivity

Förster Lab I LIMES-Institute - University of Bonn, DE

Many thanks to our speakers, participants, sponsors and supporters. Your participation and engagement has contributed significantly to the success of the CMMC Symposium 2023. The Chairs of the Scientific Organization Committee - CMMC Symposium 2023

Program - CMMC Symposium 2023

the industrial sponsors - CMMC Symposium 2023

Alnylam € 5.000,- • INTEGRA € 2.500,- • A&M Labor GmbH € 1.400,- • ABclonal € 800,- • Analytik Jena € 800,- • Bio-Rad € 800,- • Hamann Laborautomation € 800,- • LGC Genomics € 800,- • Macherey Nagel € 800,- • Merck € 800,- • Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG € 800,- • Novogene € 800,- • Promega € 800,- • Proteintech € 800,- • QIAGEN € 800,- • Silantes € 800,- • LMS Consult - conference material

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