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Metabolic regulation of myeloid cells in tissue repair and regeneration


Recent advances in immunometabolism uncovered metabolic pathways in myeloid cells as one promising approach to regulate immune cell function. The role of metabolic pathways controlling immune cell function in tissue regenerative responses is unknown. The Eming group is interested to understand cellular mechanisms of metabolic control within the injured tissue and how this metabolic communication network can be exploited for the treatment of pathological wound healing conditions in patients.

Myeloid cells are an essential component of the body’s innate ability to restore tissue function after injury

Skin injury induces a highly dynamic cellular programme proceeding in sequential phases of antimicrobial defence, followed by tissue growth and differentiation. Cells of the myeloid cell lineage are an essential component of the body’s innate ability to restore tissue function after injury. Our previous work showed that to ensure optimal skin wound healing, macrophages need to initially adopt a pro-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic phenotype (characterized by a type-1 immune response), and later once immediate danger has passed to acquire a resolution phenotype (characterized by a type-2 immune response) to promote repair. Our aim is to further explore signalling pathways and transcriptional networks in macrophages that coordinate their functional plasticity during the sequential repair stages and to understand whether metabolic programmes impact these processes.


Our studies may inspire novel and exciting avenues to understand perturbed immune cell function and to develop therapeutic approaches for the treatment of chronic inflammation and pathological wound healing conditions in patients.

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