Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer - Curriculum Vitae

Education and professional career

since 2013: Professor for Systems Biology at the University of Cologne, Germany.
2007 – 2012: Group leader at the Biotechnology Center, TU Dresden, Germany.
2002 – 2006: Post-Doc at the Leibniz-Institute for Age Research, Jena (in the group of Dr. Thomas Wilhelm) and at the University of California San Diego (in the group of Prof. Trey Ideker).
1999 – 2002: Research associate at the Institute of Environmental Systems Research, Osnabrück. Tutor for courses Introduction to System Science, Environmental Systems Analysis, and Environmental Risk Assessment.
2001: Rapporteur at the ‘OECD/UNEP Workshop on the Use of Multimedia Models for Estimating Overall Environmental Persistence and Long-Range Transport in the Context of PBTs/POPs Assessment’ Ottawa, Canada.
2000, 2001 & 2003: Instructor for the course Introduction to Ecotoxicology hosted by the DGPT.
1999 – 2002: Ph.D. at University of Osnabrück, Germany.
1993 – 1999: Study of Applied Systems Science, University of Osnabrück.

Awards, distinctions and professional activities

since 2017: Faculty member F1000
2012: Offer (‘Ruf’) of a W3 chair on Systems Biology, University of Cologne
2010 – 2015: Coordinator EU project (together with Francis Stewart): SyBoSS
2008 – 2012: Coordinator EU project: PhenOxiGEn
2007 – 2010: Funding for the research group Cellular Networks at the BIOTEC, TU Dresden from the Klaus Tschira Foundation gGmbH
2000, 2005: Fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
2002: Promotionspreis (Ph.D. Award) by the University Association Osnabrück
2002: Intevation Free Software Award
2000: Young scientists award, presented by the subsection Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of the German Association of Chemists (GDCh) Reviewer Activity Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, Genome Biology, PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS Genetics, Bioinformatics, various BMC journals and many others. Reviewer for various national funding agencies and for the EU Commission (FP7, Horizon 2020, ERC, ERA-Net).

Selected publications

Tain LS, Sehlke R, Jain C, Chokkalingam M, Nagarajuna N, Essers P, Rassner M, Grönke S, Froelich J, Dieterich C, Mann M, Alic N, Beyer A, Partridge L. (2017) A proteomic atlas of insulin signaling reveals tissue-specific mechanisms of longevity-assurance. Mol. Syst. Biol. (accepted).

Hahn O, Grönke S, Stubbs TM, Ficz G, Hendrich O, Krueger F, Andrews S, Zhang Q, Wakelam MJ, Beyer A#, Reik W#, Partridge L (2017) Dietary restriction protects from age-associated DNA methylation and induces epigenetic reprogramming of lipid metabolism. Genome Biol. 18:56.

Seifert M, Friedrich B, Beyer A. (2016) Importance of rare gene copy number alterations for personalized tumor characterization and survival analysis. Genome Biol. 3;17(1):204.

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Sikora-Wohlfeld W, Ackermann M, Elefsinioti EG, Singaravelu K, Beyer A. (2013) Assessing computational methods for transcription factor target gene identification based on ChIP-seq data. PLoS Comp. Biol. 9(11): e1003342.

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Elefsinioti A, Saraç ÖS, Hegele A, Plake C, Hubner NC, Poser I, Sarov M, Hyman A, Mann M, Schroeder M, Stelzl U, Beyer A (2011) Large-scale de novo prediction of physical protein-protein association. Mol. Cell. Prot. 10(11):M111.010629.

Suthram S, Beyer A, Karp RM, Eldar Y, Ideker T (2008) eQED: an efficient method for interpreting eQTL associations using protein networks Molec. Systems Biol. 4:162.

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