Junior Research Groups

The Junior Research Group Program (JRGP) has been an integral part of the Center's support measures for junior researchers’ careers. The CMMC offers junior scientists with exceptional credentials an excellent opportunity to further their academic career.

Currently the Center provides funding for three selected, internationally competitive JRG leaders. The groups not only have access to the CMMC´s infrastructure and administration, but are also provided with considerable funds for personnel, equipment and running costs, as well as negotiable additional funds that enable the group leaders to further strenghten their research project. The support of the JRGs is comparable to the Emmy Noether-Programm by the DFG and equivalent to an Assistant Professorship (W1) with a running period of 5 (+3) years. 

In August 2012 the CMMC awarded three open positions as CMMC JRG leaders in the field of Molecular Medicine to the following three outstanding young scientists based on an international, highly competitive recruitment procedure.

Alvaro Rada-Iglesias

JRG VII - Developmental Genomics

Joined the CMMC in May 2013

Argyris Papantonis

JRG VIII - Systems Biology of Chromatin

Joined the CMMC in June 2013

Jay Gopalakrishnan

JRG IX - Mechanisms and regulation of centrosome assembly

Joined the CMMC in 2012
Prestigious Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP)


Associated Junior Research Groups at the CMMC

The CMMC also supports Junior Research Groups working in the field of Molecular Medicine that are funded by external institutions as "associated JRGs" by providing access to lab/research space and the Center’s infrastructure.

These associated JRGs benefit from the CMMC´s dynamic allocation concept of lab/research in the CMMC Research Building. Currently the CMMC supports the following associated Junior Research Groups

Sebahattin Cirak

assoc. JRG II – Neuromuscular disorder

Emmy-Noether Junior Research Group
Center of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Leo Kurian

assoc. JRG I - Developmental and regenerative RNA biology 

JRG-Leader of NRW Stem Cell Network

Institute for Neurophysiology

Dr. Alvaro Rada-Iglesias

Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Dr. Alvaro Rada-Iglesias

Principal Investigator - CMMC JRG VII


Dr. Argyris Papantonis

Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Dr. Argyris Papantonis

Co-Principal Investigator C 4 /
Principal Investigator - JRG VIII


Dr. Sebahattin Cirak

Dept. for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine / RG location - CMMC Building

Dr. Sebahattin Cirak

Work +49 221 478 4693

Center of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Kerpener Str. 34
50931 Cologne


Robert-Koch-Str. 21
50931 Cologne

Dr. Leo Kurian

Institute for Neurophysiology / RG location - CMMC Building

Dr. Leo Kurian

Work +49 221 478 89692

CMMC Research Building
Robert-Koch-Str. 21
50931 Cologne