Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Dr. Sandra Iden - Curriculum Vitae

Education and professional career

2020: Full professor for Cell and Developmental biology at Saarland University, Faculty of Medicine
since 2011: Independent CECAD Research Group Leader, group “Cell polarity and cancer” Med. Fac., UoC
2007-2010: Post-doctoral researcher, Division of Cell Biology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, NL
2007: Post-doctoral researcher, Institute of Medical Biochemistry, University Hospital Muenster
2007: Promotion Dr.rer.nat., University of Muenster, Germany (summa cum laude)
2003-2007: PhD student, Institutes of Cell Biology and Medical Biochemistry, Univ. Hospital Muenster
2003: Diploma in Biochemistry, University of Hannover, Germany
2003: Research trainee, Division of Neuroendocrinology, Max-Planck Institute for Experimental Endocrinology, and University of Hannover, Germany
2002: Research trainee, Center for Neurobiology and Behavior, Columbia University New York, USA
1998-2003: Biochemistry Studies, Univ. of Hannover

Awards, distinctions and professional activities

since 2020: ZHMB Board Member, Saarland University
since 2020: Center for Biophysics, Member, Saarland University
2019: Meeting Chair of EMBO Workshop ‘Cell Polarity & Membrane Dynamics’, Spain
since 2019: Editorial Board Tissue Barriers
2018: International SPP1782 meeting, Co-organiser, Leopoldina Halle/Saale
2015-2020: Executive Board Member, SFB829, University of Cologne
since 2015: Member of DFG-SPP1782
2013-2020: Coordinator SFB829 Integrated Research Training Group (with Prof. T. Krieg)
2013-2020: Member of SFB829, University of Cologne
2013-2019: Executive Board Member, CECAD Excellence Cluster, University of Cologne
2015: 31st Ernst-Klenk Symposium, CMMC Cologne, Co-Chair
2015: International Meeting of the DGZ 2015, Co-organiser and symposium chair
2007: Dr.rer.nat. summa cum laude, WWU Münster
since 2016: Reviewer for ANR (project grants)
since 2015: Reviewer for DFG (project grants)
since 2013: Reviewer for Prostate Cancer UK
since 2012: Reviewer for different scientific journals including Journal of Cell Biology, Oncogene, Current Biology, Nature Communications, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Biology Open, Journal of Cell Science


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