Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Maria Leptin - Curriculum Vitae

Education and professional career

2010: Director, European Molecular Biology Organisation, Heidelberg
2004 - 2005: Visiting Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Centre, Hinxton, UK
2001: Visiting Professor, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
since 1994: Professor, University of Cologne, Institute of Genetics
1989 - 1994: Research group leader at the Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen
1989: Guest Scientist with Pat O'Farrell, UCSF
1988: Staff Scientist at the MRC LMB, Cambridge
1984 - 1987: Postdoctoral fellow in Michael Wilcox’ lab at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
1979 - 1983: Doctoral Thesis with Fritz Melchers at the Basel Institute for Immunology (degree 1983 from the University of Heidelberg)

Awards, distinctions and professional activities

2016 - 2017: Scientific Rapporteur for the evaluation of seven Max Planck Institutes
2016: Elected Member of the National Academy, Leopoldina
2014 - present: Wellcome Trust UK, Science Interview Panel
2014 - present: Scientific Advisory Board, Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore
2013 - present: Hochschulrat - Cologne University
2013 - present: Scientific Advisory Board of the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)
2012 - present: Selection panel of the Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators
2012 - present: Scientific Advisory Board, Max Planck institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
2012 - present: Scientific Advisory Board, IMBA Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna
2012 - 2017: President, Initiative for Science in Europe
2010: Elected Member of the NRW Academy of the Sciences and Arts
2009 - present: Scientific Advisory Board DKFZ | ZMBH Alliance, Heidelberg
2009 - 2010: Member of EMBO Council
2008 - 2014: Chair, Grant Evaluation Panel LS3 for the European Research Council
2008 - 2012: Advisory Board, German Genetic Society
2007: Research Grant Evaluation Panel for the Academy of Finland, Research Council for Biosciences and Environment
2006 - 2009: Member of the Board of Trustees, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK
2005 - 2010: Member of the Council of the European Life Sciences Organisation (ELSO)
2005: Evaluation panel of the Institute for Zoology, University Zürich (Chair)
2004 - present: Board of Directors, Christiane-Nüsslein-Volhard Stiftung
2004 - 2009: Board of Trustees Max-Delbrück-Centrum, Berlin (deputy chair 2007, chair 2009)
2003 - 2008: Scientific Advisory Board ZMBH, Heidelberg
2002 - 2009: Co-editor of 'Mechanisms of Development' and 'Gene Expression Patterns'
2002 - 2007: Member EMBO Committee 'Membership and Publications'; 2005 – 2007 as Chair.
2001 - present: Editorial Board 'Developmental Cell'
1998: EMBO Evaluation Committee for the Hungarian Academy of Science Institutes
1998: Elected Member of the Academia Europaea
1996 - 2001: Editorial Board ‘Developmental Biology’
1996 - 1997: President of the German Society for Developmental Biology
1996: Elected Member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO)
1986 - 1988: Research Fellowship from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
1984 - 1986: EMBO Longterm Research Fellowship

Selected publications

Kölsch V, Seher T, Fernandez-Ballester GJ, Serrano L, Leptin M. (2007) Control of Drosophila
gastrulation by apical localization of adherens junctions and RhoGEF2. Science 315, 384-6.

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in Drosophila embryo. The Biophysical Journal 105:3-10.

Jaya Nandanan N, Mathew R. and Leptin M. (2014) Guidance of subcellular tubulogenesis by actin
under the control of a synaptotagmin- like protein and Moesin. Nat Comms, 5:3036.

Schäfer G, Narasimha M, Vogelsang E, Leptin M. (2014) Cadherin switching during the formation and
differentiation of the Drosophila mesoderm - implications for epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions.
J Cell Sci. 27:1511-22.

Rembold M, Ciglar L, Yáñez-Cuna JO, Zinzen RP, Girardot C, Jain A, Welte MA, Stark A, Leptin M,
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mechanics during Drosophila gastrulation movements Nat Comms 6:8677.

Kakanj, P, Moussian, B, Grönke, S, Bustos, V., Eming, SA., Partridge, L., Leptin M (2016) Parallel roles
of insulin and TOR signalling in epidermal wound healing Nature Commun. 7:12972. doi:10.1038/ncomms12972.

Kuri P, Ellwanger K, Kufer TA, Leptin M, Bajoghli B. (2017) A high-sensitivity, bi-directional reporter to
monitor NF-κB activity in cell culture and zebrafish in real-time. J Cell Sci. 130: 648-657 pii:jcs.196485.

Gilmour, D., Rembold, M., and Leptin, M. From Morphogen To Morphogenesis and Back (Review)
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