Former Funding Period 01/2014 - 12/2016

Information from this funding period will not be updated anymore. New research related information is available here.

The CMMC research areas 01/2014 - 12/2016

Research Area A: Mechanisms of tumor development: intrinsic and extrinsic control of cell proliferation and tissue invasion

Büttner, Reinhard / Odenthal, Margarete - A 1

The multifaceted function of the lysine-specific histone demethylase 1 in lung cancer

Clement-Ziza, Mathieu - CAP 2

Mechanisms of tumor development: intrinsic and extrinsic control of cell proliferation and tissue invasion

Gopalakrishnan, Jay - JRG IX

Mechanisms and regulation of centrosome biogenesis

Hammerschmidt, Matthias - A 2

Identification of small molecules blocking matriptase-dependent morphogenesis and carcinogenesis in zebrafish and mouse, and characterization of the relevant target

Iden, Sandra - A 3

Intrinsic and extrinsic functions of polarity proteins in melanoma formation and progression

Müller, Roman-Ulrich / Fabretti, Francesca - A 4

Characterizing the molecular functions of the tumor suppressor protein Folliculin using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans

Niemann, Catherin - A 5 / CAP 4

Molecular function of Lef1 mutations (E45K/S61P and DNLef1) in epithelial tissues and cancer

Pallasch, Christian P - CAP 5

Functional implications and interaction of macrophages in the tumor microenvironment upon genotoxic stress

Pasparakis, Manolis - A 6

Stem cell-specific role of NF-kB signalling in cancer

Peifer, Martin - A 7 / CAP 6

Systematic identification of significantly mutated gene groups in cancer genomes by co-expression patterns

Reinhardt, H Christian / Schumacher, Björn - A 8

Differential modulation of the p53 network in cancer therapy

Rosenkranz, Stephan - CAP 7

Role of PI3Kd in atherosclerosis

Schmutzler, Rita / Hahnen, Eric - A 9

Identification of new disease-causing and -modifying genes for familial breast and ovarian cancer

Ullrich, Roland - CAP 9

Targeting tumor angiogenesis

Grosskopf-Kroiher, Debora / Mauch, Cornelia - PP 1

PP1 Skin cancer prevention project “Die Sonne und Wir”

Research Area B: Principles of immunity, inflammation and infection

Abken, Hinrich - B 1

Deciphering the hierarchic organization of established tumor lesions

Baldus, Stephan / Klinke, Anna / Rudolph, Volker - B 2

Significance of leukocyte-mediated impairment of vascular integrity for the pathogenesis of heart failure, and leukocyte peroxidase inhibition as a novel therapeutic concept

Benzing, Thomas - B 3

Dynamic roles of podocytes in glomerular filtration and the progression of chronic kidney disease

Fabri, Mario - B 4

Corticosteroid-mediated regulation of the human host response against intracellular pathogens

Kashkar, Hamid - B 5

The ubiquitin ligase activity of XIAP in the pathogenesis of cancer

Klein, Florian - assoc. RG

Antibody-mediated therapy and prevention of infectious pathogens

Krönke, Martin / Utermöhlen, Olaf - B 6

NADPH oxidase (NOX)-generated reactive oxygen species (ROS): mechanisms of tissue-specific activation and pathophysiological implications for microbial infections

Lehmann, Helmar - CAP 3

Mechanisms of axonal injury in neuroinflammation and neurotoxicity

Papantonis, Argyris - JRG VIII

Towards a structure-to-function code for mammalian genomes

Research Area C: Molecular mechanisms and metabolic control of tissue degeneration and regeneration

Büning, Hildegard - C 1

Tailoring AAV vectors for cutaneous gene transfer and gene therapy

Brüning, Jens - C 2

Role of altered brain glucose metabolism in the pathogenesis of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Eming, Sabine / Leptin, Maria - C 3

Mechanisms regulating age-associated decline of skin regenerative capacity

Kurian, Leo - assoc. JRG II

Molecular basis of vertebrate cardiac development, aging, and regeneration

Langer, Thomas - C 4

Pathogenic role of cardiolipin in cardiomyopathies

Niessen, Carien M / Brinkkötter, Paul - C 5

Regulation of cell and tissue architecture in skin homeostasis, regeneration and degeneration

Noegel, Angelika / Nürnberg, Peter - C 6

Molecular basis of disturbed neurogenesis in primary microcephaly

Paulsson, Mats / Wagener, Raimund / Sengle, Gerhard - C 7

Extracellular microfibrillar systems in disease pathogenesis: functional interactions in cytokine regulation, cellular differentiation and tissue homeostasis

Rada-Iglesias, Alvaro - JRG VII

Genomic context and mechanisms of transcriptional repression during early patterning of the mammalian embryo

Rugarli, Elena - C 8

Lipid droplets in neurodegenerative diseases

Rybniker, Jan - CAP 8

Comprehensive host-cell based antibiotic drug discovery

Schermer, Bernhard / Habbig, Sandra / Liebau, Max C - C 9

The dynamic regulation of primary cilia in renal injury repair

Schwarz, Guenter - C 10

Nitrite-dependent NO synthesis by sulfite oxidase

Stoffel, Wilhelm - SRG 1

Genetically determined lipid structures and membrane functions in neuronal and extraneuronal tissues studied in null mouse models

Wirth, Brunhilde - C 11

Deciphering the modifying network counteracting spinal muscular atrophy and its translation into therapy

Wollnik, Bernd - C 12

Condensinopathies: Elucidation of novel molecular and functional mechanisms associated with congenital malformation and premature aging