Central service facilities at the CMMC

The CMMC has continually striven to improve and build on its scientific infrastructure as well as support the implementation of technological platforms on the campus of the Faculty of Medicine. A major step has been the establishment of central technological platforms aimed at better advancing the rapid scientific progress of all researchers at the Life Science Campus at the University of Cologne in general and members of the CMMC research groups in particular. The current six core facilities are also open for external users by special requests.

The implementation of a campus-oriented concept providing single central service platforms to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the existing core facilities is strongly supported by the CMMC.

To date, the six core facilities at the CMMC range from cell sorting to proteomics through to microscopy.

1) Cell Sorting Facility

(located in the CMMC Research Building)
Head: Hinrich Abken

2) Facility for Comparative Medicine

 (located in the CMMC Research Building)
 Head: Esther Mahabir-Brenner

3) Gene Expression Affymetrix Facility (associated)

(located in the CMMC Research Building)
Head: Agapios Sachinidis

4) Microscopy Facility

(located in the CMMC Research Building)
Head: Jay Gopalakrishnan

5) Proteomics Facility

Recently, the CMMC Bioanalytics and the CECAD Proteomics Core Facility merged to the CECAD/CMMC-Proteomics Faculty located in the CECAD Research Center.
Heads: Christian Frese (CECAD) / Stefan Müller (CMMC)

6) Tissue Embedding and Histology Facility

(located in the CMMC Research Building)
Head: Catherin Niemann