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The research group Comparative Medicine focuses on laboratory animal science and human clinical studies. The laboratory animal science studies are primarily in the field of reproductive biology and microbiology. With respect to the human clinical studies, our goal is to determine the cytokine profiles during various diseases. This provides knowledge about different biological processes and can aid in the diagnostic of diseases at their early stages of development.

Cytokine profiling

These research projects are focused mainly on determining cytokine profiles. Cytokines are small proteins involved in cell signaling. They are produced by various cell types, including immune cells, and are especially important for immune responses such as after bacterial infection. Therefore, cytokines can aid in extending the knowledge about diverse biological processes. Furthermore, they are a promising category of biomarkers for diagnosis because they are present in the early phases of diseases. To determine cytokine profiles for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases, we are using the ELISA-based multiplex method to measure cytokines in different matrices such as serum, saliva, urine, synovial fluid, and tissue lysates. The multiplex method enables the quantification of multiple proteins in a single sample volume. Its use lies in the small sample size required (fluids: 12.5 µl per 96-well, lysates: 200 to 1000 µg protein per 96-well), prevention of pain by using matrices which can be obtained non-invasively (e.g. saliva and urine instead of tissue biopsies or blood draws) and reduction in time (hours instead of days).
Current projects include foreign-body-associated infections resulting from Staphylococcus epidermidis, cardiac arrest, stroke, healing of tendons in the elbow following tendon transplantation, and macular degeneration. Cytokine profiling is also performed to determine its suitability for diagnosis of implant-associated infections after orthopaedic surgeries including total knee replacements and spine surgeries, elbow arthroplasties, infectious and non-infectious spondylodiscitis.


Prof. Dr. Esther Mahabir-Brenner CMMC Cologne
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