Information on the current evaluation procedure: submitted proposals for the CMMC Individual Funing Program


Preparation of the new funding period with the site visit of the External Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) from Nov. 25-26, 2019.

The mission of the CMMC is to advance the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying human diseases as a prelude to improving prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many common health problems. The CMMC fosters interdisciplinary collaboration from the laboratory to the clinic as well as offers an exceptional training ground for the next generation of scientists and clinicians having a strong interest in and firm commitment to biomedical research. These activities are supported by various CMMC funding programs.

With regard to the upcoming CMMC funding period we are pleased to announce the submission of project proposals for the CMMC Individual Project Funding Program (IPFP) that is an integral part of the next CMMC funding period (01/2020-12/2022).

The support of individual projects with a funding period of three years has been a cornerstone of the CMMC funding policy from the beginning. The aim of the CMMC is to provide funding for the development of long-term, high-risk, high quality and innovative biomedical projects that demonstrate a clear disease-oriented focus having clinical impact. We request that applicants with projects suitable for DFG funding should submit their applications to the DFG rather than to the CMMC.

June 19 - 28, 2019: Start of the internal evaluation procedure - verification of the eligibility for a research proposal

November 25 - 26, 2019: Site visit of the External Scientific Advisory Board with poster presentation on Nov. 25, 2019

November 27, 2019: Announcement of the final funding decision
For further information regarding the application criteria, the evaluation process, the timetable and the CMMC template “research proposal”, please visit: