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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Measures at the CMMC

During recent weeks all members and guests have made significant contribution to limiting the consequences of the corona pandemic on the Campus of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital Cologne.
Even though the frightening dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 new infections could be broken in March, the infection rate can rise again at any time.
The prevention measures against SARS-CoV-2 previously taken by the University Hospital Cologne and the Faculty of Medicine remain in force and unabridged:
•    no gatherings
•    use of mouth-nose masks is mandatory
•    general hygiene and distance rules
•    ban on business trips
•    resource-saving handling of disposable materials

Since April 15, 2020 and considering the update from July 14 2020 the Medical Director of the University Hospital Cologne and the Rector of the University of Cologne forwarded following measures/regulations. These regulations are implemented at the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne.

Wearing of mouth-nose masks

  • The wearing of a mouth-nose mask is obligatory on the entire Campus of Medical Faculty / University Hospital Cologne.
  • Wearing masks applies to outdoor areas and areas within buildings including offices and laboratories (regardless of the size of the room).
  • If CMMC members arrive at or leave the campus together the wearing of masks is mandatory.
  • For CMMC members working in the CMMC Research Building a given number of masks per person will be provided at the reception desk.

Strictly follow the hygiene regulations

  • Follow the hygiene rules to avoid possible infection by taking a few simple measures, you can protect yourself and help to protect others against Covid-19 infection -
  • Regular and thorough hand washing, cleaning of surfaces, ventilation of rooms and offices
  • Regular disinfection of laboratory equipment, tables etc. as well as door handles
  • Disinfectant where there is no opportunity to wash hands regularly.
  • The Central Hospital Hygiene Department (Zentrale Krankenhaushygiene) of the University Hospital Cologne headed by Dr. Zweigner will be happy to answer any questions from scientific staff (phone 0221 478-81317 or - 81318).

Social distancing

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between each other, even during breaks is obligatory.

Permitted number of persons in areas at the CMMC Research Building

Rooms/laboratories at the same time depends on the size of the room (e.g. writing rooms, offices, social areas, lab areas and seminar rooms) - installed  Sept. 01, 2020. The areas are available to the staff members in the CMMC Research Building in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations (e.g. wearing of mouth-nose masks / social distance / hygiene rules).

Laboratory areas

  • room size of about 15 m2 = a maximum of two persons
  • room size of about 25 m2 = a maximum of three persons
  • room size of about 50 m2 = a maximum of six persons

Office space and writing rooms

  • room size of about 18 m2 = a maximum of two persons
  • room size of about 25 m2 = a maximum of three persons
  • room size of about 36 m2 = a maximum of four persons
  • room size of about 50 m2 = a maximum of six persons

Seminar Rooms
If you are planing to use one o the two seminar rooms located in the CMMC Research Building, please get in contact with Lisa Müller beforehand zmmk-koordinationsstelle[at]

  • room size of about 80 m2 = a maximum of 13 persons
  • room size of about 35 m2 = a maximum of   5 persons

Social Rooms

  • room size of about 16 m2 = a maximum of  2 persons

CMMC members and health

  • 48 hours regulation: CMMC members with flu-like symptoms must not return to work until at least 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared.
  • 14 days quarantine regulation: CMMC members who have had contact with people infected with SARS-CoV-2 must stay at home for 14 days.
  • Please stay at home if you are not sure e.g. in case of suspicion or illness.
  • CMMC members who are affected in one or the other way by the COVID-19 situation and are therefore psychologically stressed, please contact: psychosomatik[at]

Scientific exchange and interaction

  • Web based video meetings are obligatory for all group meetings, seminars etc.
  • Until Sept. 30, 2020 internal or external face-to-face events (e.g. seminars, workshops) are not allowed beyond the university’s regular lectures and seminars in accordance with the decision of the federal and state governments that major events will remain prohibited until 31 August, 2020
  • Web based seminars are obligatory. The CMMC is changing the Seminar Series accordingly.
  • If you need assistance in setting up the digital communication, please get in contact with Konstantin Belostoski (konstantin.belostotski[at]

Service of the central facilities

  • If you require the service of the CMMC core facilities, please visit the following webpage for further information:
  • Please also visit the webpages of the central facilities from which you need support (e.g. animal facility network, ZKS, ethics committee, scientific core services, MedizinFotoKöln, etc.)

For research group leaders and heads of central facilities

  • Please inform your staff of the risk of infection with the coronavirus. Inform your staff how they can protect themselves (see also
  • Continue to allow work from home when possible.
  • Advise your team members that meetings with external visitors should be avoided until further notice.
  • Internships for Master Students are allowed. A confirmation from the CMMC-Office is required. Please get in contact with Dr. Claudia Herr (
  • Traveling is not allowed until further notice. Please use the modern communication technologies instead.

For further questions about the working conditions in the CMMC Research Building

Please visit following links for further information:

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