Lecture Molecular Medicine of the CMMC

in cooperation with the IPMM, SFB 829 and SFB 670

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Decoding disease mechanisms to improve therapy

SS 2017 – Thursday, 12:00 – 13:00

CMMC Research Building, seminar room
  •   Imaging basics – possibilities and pitfalls
    Astrid Schauss, CECAD 20.04.17

  •   Epigenetic regulation during development and in disease
    Michal-Ruth Schweiger , Institute of Epigenomics 04.05.17

  •   Imaging in detail – frequently used methods
    Astrid Schauss, CECAD 11.05.17

  •   Introduction to NGS applications
    Janine Altmüller, CCG 18.05.17

  •   Flow Cytometry in bio-medical research
    Christian Kukat, MPI Ageing Research 01.06.17

  •   Next generation sample preparation enables ultrasensitive proteomics
    Christian Frese, CECAD 22.06.17

  •   Large-scale NGS data integration in the CECAD Bioinformatics Facility
    Peter Frommolt, CECAD 29.06.17

  •   Lipidomics - Introduction and applications
    Susanne Brodesser, CECAD 06.07.17

  •   titel pending
    Thomas Wunderlich, MPI Metabol Research 13.07.17

  •   Mechanistic and system-wide analysis of the autophagy machinery
    Martin Graef, MPI Ageing Research 20.07.17

Further information: Catherin Niemann (cnieman1(at)uni-koeln.de)

Lecture Molecular Medicine of the CMMC