Announcement of Meetings

March 13, 2017

10th Symposium "Unconventional drug targets in cancer therapy"

3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Seminar Room - CMMC-Research Building - Robert-Koch-Str. 21 - 50931 Cologne

This 10th joint symposium of Bayer, the University of Cologne including the Graduate Programs will highlight alternative approaches in cancer therapy and promote the university-industry relationship in science.

M. Peifer (Dept. of Translational Genomics and CMMC, Cologne)
E. Pogge-von-Strandmann (Clinic for Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Center for Tumor Biology and Immunology, Philipps University, Marburg)
D. Bachurski (Dept. I for Internal Medicine, Cologne)
C. Hauser (Dept. of Surgery, UKSH Campus Kiel)
J. Gopalakrishnan (Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne)
O. Politz (Bayer AG, Global Drug Discovery, Berlin)
M. Ocker (Bayer Pharma AG, Global Drug Discovery, Wuppertal)

Moderatoration: R. Wegener and S. Herzig

Please find the detailed program under:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Herzing (Inst. for Pharmacology) and Dr. Jay Gopalakrishnan (Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne)

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March 09 - 11, 2017

The Annual Meeting of the German Society for Matrix Biology
Frontiers in Matrix Biology

This year the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Matrix Biology will be held in Cologne in cooperation with the CRC 829 and the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne.

The organizers are looking forward to an excellent program with leading international experts working to share and discuss latest advances in the fields of matrix biology.

The program for download

This year: a new format to especially promote the research of young scientists.

At this conference for the first time, the organizers will initiate a Junior Scientist Session preceding the annual congress to create a unique forum for young scientists to present and exchange new data. These sessions will bring together young European researchers in order to promote interactions between pre- and post-doctoral scientists, so they can benefit from the different experiences that the sessions and the subsequent conference offer.

For further information, please visit: